The Two Projects

This week i have mostly been trying to turn my family into a cult or even a family business. And at the same time i have been trying to design the everyday world for a man from the Aetherius Society. Both directions are trying to deal with the brief “designer politics” (see earlier post). I have been influenced by a number of artists including Joep Van Lieshout, Maywa Denki, Marcus Coates and Sophie Calle. I’ve also been reading a number of articles about politics within design including the projects carried out at the Universitat der Kunste Berlin called Sacral Design and one written piece entitled Is Design Political? by Jennie Winhall, one of the members of the former RED team at the Design Council. Hilary Cottam, Charles Leadbeater (clever thinker and author of The Pro Am Revolution and Wethink) and Colin Burns (former CEO of IDEO) have together set up on their own to form a transformational design social venture and includes the former team from RED.


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