Designing for my family – the pluralist way

If i were to use my family as users for a range of products, services or systems that are designed by an institution, organisation, what would they be like. What would you design for my grandfather who believes in bullfighting and is a Spanophile? How would he feel about his future and how would he want to know about it?

Or what if the methodologies used by an institution originated from different members of my family, each member of my family were to create manifestos. They were the non normal users.

Or what if my family were a TV Channel, University, Hospital, Library, Publishing Company, Airline..etc?

How would i re imbue the objects around us of they were designed for my individual members of my family? What new ritualistic performances and ceremonies would they recreate? WHat if objects comtained more spirituality and contained the presene of our own family presence?

If i was to think of my grandfather how might objects be imbued wioth his take on life? Would there be interactive bullfighting tv channels or bedside bullfighting afficionado debates? What about paella dishes and jamon cutting tools? What knew ways might there be to cut meat or serve food if you were obsessed with bullfighting?


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