Dr. Richard Wiseman comes to talk

Last week Dr. Richard Wiseman, a former magician and now psychologist researcher at the University of Hertfordshire, visited college and told us about his clever work and research insights into various worlds of the paranormal, deception, humour and luck. He was a very good speaker and obviously knew how to engage an audience at the very beginning of a talk by doing a hoax magic trick. He talked to us about deception and the different ways that scientists have tried to understand when someone is lying. He gave us a few audience participtaion tests and made a point that some non verbal communication scientists have tried to understand what visual langusage cues we use that may indicate that we are lying but actually it is the vocal side that we should pay more attention to. For example the flow of words and the amount of words used to say sth can be an indicationof whether we are lying or not.

I managed to talk to him briefly after the talk and asked him about my interest in the future of self knowledge in particular the links between the world of esoteric knowledge, horizon scanning and geno/phenotypoe determinism. He mentioned i should look up Sarah Angliss and her Booth Of Truth. (see previous post)


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