Michael Shermer – Skeptic ted talk

Recently watched a TED talk by Michael Shermer, a scienctific historian, editor and publisher of the quarterly Skeptic Magazine and author of a number of books including “Why People Believe Weird Things”. His magazine investigates claims of the paranormal, pseudoscience and claims made by fringe groups and cults. He discusses pseudoscience, non science, bad science, junk science, voodoo sciecne, pathalogical science and non-sense. They are debunkers. Trying to replace bad ideas with good ideas. I am currently reading his book (one of many) where Michael explores the very human reasons we find otherworldly phenomena, conspiracy theories and cults so appealing. He attempts to show how are eternal search for meaning, comfort and spiritual fulfillment results in our thinking being led astray by extraordinary claims and controversial ideas in the realm of superstition and the supernatural. He mentions the Mother Teresa that was found in a cinnamon bun and the Virgin Mary in a cheese sandwich.

nun-bun.jpg cheese-sandwhich.jpg


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