Other worlds – The Feng Shui Society

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space which is claimed to achieve harmony with the environment. Skeptics consider it to be nothing but superstition

Feng Shui translates to English as Wind and Water. These are the two containers for Qi. Since life exists within either air or water, qi is said to be the life energy that flows within these two environments.

The goal of feng shui guidelines is to locate and orient dwellings, possessions, land and landscaping, etc., so as to be attuned with the flow of qi. Location is considered to be of far greater significance than orientation. This is in line with modern thinking, where the 3 principles of buying a piece of property are location, location and location.

The Feng Shui Society

In our Western world , where we just bastardize ways of thinking for our own profit, is Feng Shui a science, pseudoscience, cultural belief or just a way of organising our spatial word according to a life coach or interior designer?

How does this relate to the golden section/ratio?

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