peter york and babylon:don

Some points and comments made by the marketing consultant and journalist, Peter York during a debate set up at the RCA by Nigel Coates called Babylon:don on the 21st November. The question was “Are people willing to cross cultural boundaries if they dont speak the lingo?”

Emerging trend towards Re-victorianisation = new servant class from foreign penetration of east european low income labour.

London is a christmas pudding, no clear segregation between cultural/economic classes.

But what is Englishness? Chipping Norton?!

London architecture could move towards “Difference”. Mosques are not designed by architects. Here is traditional difference. There is still a continuous facade of Georgian beliefs of the past in most parts of London architecture.

London is conforming and becoming more and more bland. There is too much homogeniety.

How can we be more exclusive in an inclusive, multi cultural, politically correct world?

Inclusive is a bad word. It is too kind and gives no challenge. Too politically correct. Why do we have to comply with an agenda of inclusivity?


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