post crit thoughts – the next steps

Keywords and questions as a result of my crit on 23rd November:

geno/phenotypes, heritage, family empire, future bloodline, inheritance, being a product of a combination of 2 manifestations of DNA types. Within the family structure what do we inherit from our predecessors and how do we constantly communicate and become similar to our ancestors in order to feel a part of a an umbrella heading of “family”?: facially, behaviourally, via an inherited memory & past lives, shared passions. physical attributes. Where did my red hair begin, where does the gene line begin? Geneology is the third most popular theme on search engine.

What will be the future of the family as genome sequencing becomes affordable? Do we become obsessed with our predetermined life? Will we become more focused on our individual selves? How would an extreme self-obsessed individual exist in a family unit? What would he/she need to exist? Would for example they decide not to pay for national health if they knew they would have a good health? What if they did not have children, would they agree paying taxes for education? how would that person judge those he/ she has relationships with?

how do family empires work? Roman empire? why do people want a sense of belonging and a notion about the future of self knowledge. What would a family olympics be like? Is this the only way to become part of the family? If genome sequencing decide son your medical and life future does this affect those we associate with? Scanning people before the become part of the family unit?

What would be the metaphysical focus point if my family were a cult to bind them altogether? red headed dolls? would they be of “tapu”? how about the hierachy, shrine and sanctuary for the metaphysical focus? Would there be a mantra?

What is the future of self knowledge? is it within community or will there be an extreme focus on the individual?


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