post tutorial: Jess the Forecaster

Jess the forecaster.Use methods used in corporate world but transfer them into a popular domestic setting like the gypsy lee psychic caravan. Or is it in a therapists room? What if i did forecasting, statistical trend modeling on peoples love, career, relationships and money fortunes. Or predicted a dream, vision of where i see someone in their future. What would they take away with them as a believable focus and evidence on their prediciton. Is it some special pink light, numbered item, what metaphysical properties might the souvenir be? Will i have charts and diagrams to corrobarate my theories. “I am Jess the forecasting “business.

Esoteric knowledge used by psychics, fortune tellers /soothe sayers is popular and those who want to go and see a psychic are believers. No matter how many misses, people will only remember the hits. They provide a story and use one method of predicting the future of ourselves.

Management consultants, forecasting companies, strategists and trend predictors and horizon scanning thinktanks make use of more statistical methods and communication devices ( forecasting, statistical trend probablilty models, scenario building, visions and predicitions) but still project a story that companies want to listen to in order to know about how their company will survive in certain future worlds.

The world of genome sequencing is taking over our future worlds and dictating how our lives are becoming more and more pre-determined. It open a new perspective on how we predict our future selves.


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