“Une Seconde Une Annee”

Went to Paris two weeks a go and absorbed the French spirit. I love how Paris almost refuses to have any franchises or globalised shops or well known coffee outlets, so many wonderful bistros and cafes.

Went to Palais De Tokyo and managed to see a big exhibition called Cinq Milliards D’Annees. There were a number of exhibits including a big two legged noodle monster called Patman 2 by Michel Blazy but I particular loved the section called Une Seconde Une Annee which contained works that were activated at random unknown moments and sometimes only once. For example a closed briefcase(Valise by Roman Signer, 2006) that explodes open at some point during the exhibiton, the infamous bulb that is contained in a glass case and will only light up once a year(Lampada Annuale by Alighiero e Boetti, 1966), a big metal shelve that is pushed from time to time by a robot arm and knocks one off one of the many glass bottles stacked up high on each shelf, (Glassworks II by Kris Vleeschouwer, 2006) and a haunting hooded figure that violently hits its head against the wall at random moments.(Revolution by Kristof Kintera, 2005)


Revolution by Kristof Kintera


Glassworks II by Kris Vleeschouwer


One response to ““Une Seconde Une Annee”

  1. Credit to the crediter, art and the artist are not always what they look like… take a look:

    It seems these nice installations couldn’t have been made without the help of a never mentioned genius, who knocked together all the technology necessary to make it all work; and who, in some instances even invented the complete installations… voluntarely…put in some of his own money and lots of his time and ingenuity…
    Discover the kinetic art of Kris Vleeschouwer, notorious belgian artist! One man and his art, or not…?
    The sad thing is that this ‘genius behind the scenes’ did not receive any credit at all!
    It seems that ‘kris vleeschouwers’ videos disappear from ‘youtube’ whenever someone comments about this tragic fraud… Does the truth hurt? Has something got to remain hidden…? Shame on you mr Kris!

    Anyway, here’s the video, back, and available for comments…

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