pre crit nerves

At this moment in time, I investigating the possible outcomes of two subject areas in This first area is more developed than the second

Part one:

Keywords: futurology, esoteric divination, belief systems, interpretation, empowerment, belonging

The first subject area is entitled “the future of self knowledge” and is an umbrella heading for the link between three topics, the industrial forecasting world, spiritual soteric fortunetelling world and the implications of interpreting our individual future from our geno/phenotype.

As a way of engaging with this subject I have created a service, the working title is “Know your own future” or “I know your future”.

This is a tailor-made future forecasting service for individuals and their concerns about the implications of the future on their lives particularly their love, money, career and health. The execution of this service will contain elements of life coaching, psychotherapy as well as a forecasting and a fortune-telling.

I am attempting to combine the statistical business forecasting methods used by futures institutes, think tanks etc to interpret and communicate how particular businesses need to prepare in order to prosper with the more personalised and ambiguous esoteric knowledge methods used by psychics, fortune tellers, soothsayers to interpret and communicate the future to an individual paying client.

There will be a process that the individual will have to go through consisting of different questions and tasks in relation to certain applicable world futures. Their responses will help define and narrow down the options and eventually lead to a particular outcome.

The outcomes will consist of metaphysical objects that will help the individual focus and prepare for the implications of a particular future applicable to the individual. These objects could be tools to help predict the individual’ s future by.

I believe that it is not possible to tell the future but could this service be a way to illustrate that and highlight the fact it is based on interpretation, belief, empowerment ?.Or by creating this service am I trying to debunk the ambiguous intuitive methods used by the esoteric world and the inductive reasoning and visionary methods used by the forecasting world? Or am I trying to analysing these methods pragmatically and create new tools to summarise them and show how they really work to empower people to do it for themselves?

Part two

Keywords: individuality, pluralism, character driven, family insitituion, ancestory.

The second subject is about designing for my family the pluralist way. As a vehicle to this I am imagining the future of their alternative healthcare starting from their own personality.

By analysing their individual character traits and qualities I have imagined how their own healthcare institution would manifest in to different services and products. E.g. My stepfather would inspire a male empowerment clinic, my mother would inspire the personal lifestyle clinic, my grandma and granddad would inspire a fertility clinic and my brother and sister in law would inspire the family branding clinic.

But is it about their healthcare or what they can provide other people?


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