Nick Crowe – Commemorative Glass

Went to see  Nick Crowe ‘s exhibition “Commemorative Glass” at the Cornerhouse Art gallery in Manchester the other week and found the range of work engaging, especially as i thought by the title  it would be about trophies and paperweights! . These were my favourite two exhibits and were actually the most recent work hidden on the top floor of the Cornerhouse. The photos are from the Cornerhouse website.


The Campaign for Rural England, 2006, Installation Shot in Cornerhouse Gallery. Also known in more colloquial terms “Salford Diamonds bus stop”.


The Family Tree of Zainab Duranthrrial Sadik Llthnnnztsol the First Martian Martyr, 2004.

Another exhibit that interested me describeda scenario set in the future about intergalactic terrorism, hybrid martians and racism. It describes a woman who was killed on Mars and became a martyr and remembered via a plaque nailed to the wall. Alongside is her family tree from the year 2022 etched on to a sheet of glass.


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