The Turkey Wishbone

As it is Christmas time i felt it was very appropriate to make use of the turkey wishbone from my christmas dinner and hope for the best of my future!


Two people should each grasp one end of a chicken or turkey wishbone. Each person pulls on the wishbone while making a wish. The one who gets the larger piece of bone will get his or her wish. The wish must not be told to anyone. It is a good social christmas event and creates positive thoughts for the day. It may be utter nonsense but it may also urge you to complete your wish. I felt happy to have won the fight!

wishbone1.jpg wishbone2.jpg
Other prediction manifestations and wishing symbols can be found at this Predictions website


One response to “The Turkey Wishbone

  1. this is soo great..I didnt know this..this christmas I shall do it..thanks 🙂

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