Susan Macwilliam

Using her research into mediums, hysteria and psychology, Susan MacWilliam uses video and photography to explore the paranormal and society’s response to it. Inspiration comes from perceptual phenomena, paranormal activity, with references to methods used in psychology, physiology, photography and a further interest in optical viewing devices as seen in her “Headbox” work.


Wall mounted Headbox housing stereoscope and speakers.
Headbox, 2004, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin 2004


Stereoscopes, 2001, Cornerhouse, Manchester. Photos from Susan Macwilliams website.

3 responses to “Susan Macwilliam

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  2. Thanks for your positive view of the “Seeing is Believing” exhibit, in which I participated. The future of knowledge wherein there is no separation between the self and the environment could be more easily appreciated if people would take advantage of not only a superior democratic art form, but the solipsistic proof that we are creating our environment as it creates us, in a yin/yang fashion. People accept that they create their dreams, why not accept the fact that they create their day time environment in a similar fashion. Take many photographs of shadows in which faces and figures appear, and not only will you find unique natural art, superior to man made art, but you will see that these images are projected from your unconscious, at the same time they are projected to you from the infinite. There is no separation. The whole widely accepted idea of separation and duality has been so readily accepted that people are sent to war, in a totally pervaisive war based society, thinking they are killing something other than themselves. The acceptance of my photographs on an artistic level has been great. If someone could do some scientific studies to demonstrate the validity of the solipsistic penomena they demonstrate, perhaps the skeptics could move on to a more David Bohmian type view of the world in which each particle is a hologramatic projector and projectee of the infinite universe.

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