Freud Museum, Hampstead

After fleeing Austria just before WWII, Freud spent his last years at this house in north london and it later becames a museum dedicated to the psychoanalyst. It contains all the original furnishings including Sigmund’s study/therapy room and all his collected antiquities. Dotted around the house are a number of captioned placards placed in front of particular objects describing a past patients dream and sigmunds interpretation. And throughout the house are a few pieces commissioned by the curator of the museum including the most recent work of Tim Noble and Sarah Webster. They created an installation at the Freud Museum in response to Anna Freud’s child psychology diagnoses(the daughter who lived and worked there). One piece entitled Polymorphous Perverse was a table full of grotesque automata baby dolls violently banging against each other and weird contraptions, ever flowing liquids and grinding noises.


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