Post crit notes- personality tests etc

Psychometric tests: Myers-Briggs (Based on Jung’s Psychological Types in 1923) , Meredith Belbin‘s team role behaviour tests , the color coded personality test, The Enneagram of Personality

Graphology signatures, Rorschach ink-blots: pseudoscience psychometric tests

genetic/hereditary behaviour traits & comparatives: tongue rolling, tongue touching nose, distance between thumb and index finger

raymond queneau; exercises in style

self-discovery: edward de bono, venus/mars, the worlds only self discovery website: Tickle

biotesting: your spit is analysed to deconstruct your personailty. Your dna= your future

is my service a pyramid scheme? Ayn Rand: teaching others to spread the word

E.S.P – zerner cards, misuse of statistics, over/under estimation of probabilities


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