my next steps – The Institute Brand

“To facilitate the realization of your future“ and “bringing entertainment, therapy and futurology together”.
A notional futures institute that brings together research and design ideas to underpin “the future of self knowledge” philosophy. It acts as a vehicle to design research methods and ways to create alternative design strategies for futures work. An umbrella title for method realization.

A blend of corporate future forecasting think tanks, the psychic Edgar Cayce and his A.R.E. institute, the Aetherius Society(see earlier post) and guru cults like osho. Life coaching, career councillors, etc, BUPA, The Priory, Virgin the global brand and the NHS.

About the INSTITUTE system:
Main structure and brand:Employed facilitators,the board of directors Their manifesto and how they control the institute, the institute’s manipulation over the clients, is there any brain washing? various instruments or employed facilitaors to enable people to engage with a particular scenario in order to visualise their future concerns, fantasies or fears.

Three services available; three design areas; three approaches:

1)Donation zone: genealogical divination dinner
2)Amplification zone: Delphi parlour game party; envision and role play your future
3)Your trend museum: extrapolate your historical data with a weekly scoring system/dottodot questionnaire/software download

Nature: its all in the genes, pre determined,
Nurture: it’s the way your are raised by your family, friend and environment
Neither: what you do is what you are. You are in control

They orientate through the institute and apply their own desires to the futures methods on offer. The patients or the customers can tailor their own therapy packages within the services on offer at the institute.



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