Divination methodologies

This is a nice comparison to the list of forecasting methods (see earlier post)

  • Astrology (by celestial bodies)
  • Ailuromancy (by the behaviour of felines; see Felidomancy)
  • Bibliomancy (by book, frequently but not always a religious text)
  • Cartomancy (by cards, e.g., playing cards, tarot cards, and non-tarot oracle cards; see also Taromancy)
  • Cheiromancy (by palms; see Palmistry)
  • Crystallomancy/Scrying (by crystals or other reflecting objects)
  • Dactylomancy (by means of finger movements)
  • Extispicy (from the entrails of sacrificed animals)
  • Geomancy (by earth), includes Feng Shui divination
  • Graphology (by handwriting)
  • I Ching divination (ancient Chinese divination using I Ching): (However, as performed by some diviners with heavy reliance on an accompanying I Ching manual, this is, in effect, also a form of Bibliomancy/Stichomancy)
  • Numerology (by numbers)
  • Oneiromancy (by dreams)
  • Onomancy (by names)
  • Ouija board divination
  • Podomancy (by the soles of one’s feet)
  • Palmistry (by palm inspection)
  • Phrenology (by the shape of one’s head)
  • Pyromancy, or pyroscopy (by fire)
  • Runecasting / Runic divination (by Runes)
  • Scatomancy (by droppings, usually animal)
  • Sternomancy (by markings or bumps on the chest)
  • Taromancy (by specially designed cards: Tarot; see also Cartomancy)
  • Aura-Soma, based on colors

From a list found on wikipedia.

One response to “Divination methodologies

  1. Astrology is the ancient practice and study of the stars and planets. Its history goes back to Babylonian times. Astrology is not the same as astronomy. Astronomy studies only the science of the planets, stars and universe.

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