Genetic testing methodologies

A range of genetic testings that are available:

Predictive. A few tests can help gauge the odds of having a familial version of a disease.

Diagnostic. Genes can reveal or confirm inherited diseases such as sickle cell, as well as rare disorders.

Nutrigenomic or nutrigenetic. Sold as offering customized nutritional advice, but they’re questionable.

Pharmacogenetic. Doctors now use genes to tailor cancer treatments to the individual patient. More are in the works.

Carrier screening. Pregnant women can be tested for mutations they can pass on to their children.

Prenatal screening. Tests that pull a fetus’s genes from amniotic fluid or chorionic villi can detect disorders.

Newborn screening. All babies are tested right after birth for treatable diseases.

Forensic. DNA can identify criminal suspects or victims, as well as establish paternity.

Source: US news article 31/12/06 entitled “Unraveling Your DNA’s Secrets”


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