Gene mutations, predicted diseases and pre-determined futures

There are a range of diseases/illnesses that can be diagnosed at an early preventative stage by genetically screening an individual. This predicitve gene testing can indicate if an individual may have a certain genotype mutation and their probablilty risk factor, susceptibilty, predisposition for developing a genetic disease/illness(their phenotype) in the future. There are a variety of tests for a variety of disease genes but the results all rely on interpretation and probability and single gene mutations dont necessarily mean they will develop into particular diseases in later years as they may be affected from other gene interactions or environmental factors. Those who do currently get personalised dna sequencing normally have a history of family (hereditary) diseases.

Alzheimers; type 2 diabetes; autism; glaucoma; depression; down syndrome; huntingtons disease; colon cancer;

breast cancer; ovarian; hemochromatosis; lung cancer; susceptibility to HIV disease; compatibility with partner;

cystic fibrosis; obesity+high choloseterol;tay sachs disease;Lou Gehrigs disease


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