James Turrell

James Turrell at the Louise T Blouin Institute: In the words of Louise Blouin MacBain“The Foundation’s focus is to explore the interplay between art and neuroscience. The Institute is designed to be a home for this exploration, and where better to start than with James Turrell.”

A visit to this exhibition last month completely blew me away. The institute was an amazing building north of Holland Park with a number of well lit gallery spaces and a covered long courtyard for a place to have a coffee. I highly recommend a visit. This was the first time i had seen a Turrell exhibiton and it really was …existential. It was the perfect place to visit having found out that my grandmother had passed away, calm, but also inspiring, totally mesmerizing and …..meta-physical ! A place to meditate i guess. An alternative place to worship and contemplate one’s next step. A real inspiration for my institute. Is there a place like this in my institute? Is this another touch point to my dining service, an after care package?


Spread (2003)

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