Virgin’s HealthMiles incentive scheme

Last year Virgin set up a Life Care scheme in the US designed to motivate and incentivize consumers to take control of their health and become part of the preventative solution. It is called VirginHealthMiles and as similar to the air miles reward scheme, the more weight you lose the more points you receive to then spend on products from retailers. The products you can spend the points on vary from Blockbuster video and AMC cinema (sitting down and being inactive) to Bloomingdales and American Airlines, sports gear and books. The HealthZone kiosk is a key component in Virgin Life Care’s HealthMiles and is designed to provide HealthMiles members with an easy-to-use and highly accessible tool to measure, set health goals, monitor and track results, access personal health information on demand, and obtain periodic assessments. Virgin then keeps this information about their members and their personal health development and calibrate how many points their progress is worth which is then used to offer good life insurance deals.

What an amazing way to encourage constant self perpetuating customer loyalty and addiction to the Virgin brand!


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