My institute – three services

1)Donation zone: divine gene-dining – NATURE (underground therapy?)

New rituals of predictive gene diagnosis in context of a dining environment.

Performance, ritual of dining. Atmosphere, interaction between customers and the waiters(nurses),usherettes(admin/janitor), maitre d(concierge/gene psychologist), chef(lab btechnician).

What is the difference between predicitve gene testing(dna sequencing) and reading your tea leaves?(Tasseology) It still involves a methodology, new language and requires an interpretor to communicate their version of the information.

Can these diagnostic tools anticipate timing of illness? Can it project severity of disease? Gene testing is just an interpretation. Should you be tested for sth that can not be prevented or cured? Is a positive test mena that it will not defnilty happen but a porbablity of risk? Fundamentally change your life. Do.A contemplation room?Is there an aftercare service? False positives: unnecessary alarm for patients/customers/clients?

What about those of hereditary disease risks? Should family members of inflicted individuals be tested? Will worry over result of high risk be easier to live with than the anxiety of not knowing?New discrimination: geneism? Discrimination in jobs, schools, leisure activities?

How is info delivered? Subtlly? How do you visualize probability of risk of future disease? A dance? A horoscope? A game of poker?

Maybe a customer takes their partner to the genetic divination restaurant under false pretences but the partner is unaware what the implications are of this place. The protagonist is aware of the ulterior motive of the restaturant and knows about it by word of mouth similar to the notion of underground therapy like Fight Club. But does this then change the whole empahaisis of the institute and the communication of the methodologies?
(Zipped up isolation cabin when eating together similar to that used in I love Huckabees)
Or is it a community cafe with alternative extra service?

2)Amplification zone: Delphi party parlour game – NURTURE

A room of experts envision and role play your future using their intuitive judgement process.But the room of experts are actually your friends and your family that each envision your future.

You have speed tutorials with each person about a certain subject. They are your decision makers in times of crisis. When depressed, indecisive, confused, insecure, they provide, clarity, confirmation, security. They envision your future based on certain scenarios they have planned and then predicit probability and time period.

Is it a service available regionally? A community cafe? Expert workshops whioch are facilitated. Speed dating but each expert is your friend or family member in their usual surroundings that one is used to when engaging with friends or family.But how much do we listen to family and friends own concepts of our future? why would you not believe them but trust a stranger that you buy a service from? Is each ‘expert’ aware of the other expert’s opinion, does this cause halo affect or bandwagon affect?

Can they predict whether your current relationships are doomed by their own intuitive judgement that is qualitative(soft factors) rather than quantative “thin slicing” ?
(Like Professor John Gottman, a psychologist and mathematician who by accounts can, after observing an hour of a couple talking, predict with 95% accuracy whether that couple will still be married fifteen years later.)
Or the job you apply for is a ticket to a new life?
Or the implications of your diet regime? or cosmetic surgery?

What is the prop used by expert to visual answer to protagonists question? Is is a parlour game? Bingo?
Is their a take away souvenier/momento? Party invite? Facliator’s questionnaire. What are the primary, secondary and tertiary issues that contribute to expert’s prediciton of the protagonists future?

3)Your trend museum – NEITHER

I am what I do. Self fulfilling prophecy making. extrapolate your historical data with a weekly scoring system/dottodot questionnaire/software download . Your own shrine/archive of key objects. Service thswt has its own postal drop off point like blockbuster video or swiss bank safety deposit boxes. You are provided with a kit that gives you tags, envelopes, maps, museum caption cards and numbers and date stamps. You post your items and they are then curated by the service curator. You are then able to visit when every you want to look through your objects whther it is  a flower from a botanical garden you visited with your boyfriend or the hideous cushion someone made for you as a gift. Maybe the museum lays out your onjects in draws that can be periodiacall opened like filing cabinets to your life visualleised right infront of you. By seeing your past and current trends, they can actually feed back into your own decison making for the future, self fulfilling prophecy making!

lifecaching: reality mining @ MIT

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