why does my institute exist? FAQs

Why in the future does the F.A.T.E institute exist? It is a place for research and developoment for alternative experiences in persoanl future forecasting. FATE rethinks futures, explodes myths contradicting what we all assume is determined by science’s belief in genetic determinism, alternative viewpoint on personal future forecsating service and undermines predictive gene testing.

Why will future forecasting be important to all of us in the future?

Why will we be interested in predictive gene testing?– if science begins to convince us that this is the only way to really know our future health and therefore lifestyle , because it is your own genetic material and therefore yourlife is predetermine, will it become popular belief and therefore increase stigmatism. Further than what already exists now where police are creating criminal probablity databases and with the increase in pharmacogenetics and nutragenomics, we are become more and more reliant on what scientists interpretate to us about our probabbility of getting certain diseases and therfore affecting lifestyle. The NHS already reduces the type of surgery that is accessible according to your weight, and whether you smoke etc. What happens when our future health can be determined by a very reduced procedure of predictive gene testing.

Why should people be personally interested in knowing their future?

Who are the customers and how and why would they go to this institute? – refferal, second opinion, it is counter to the NHS approach, part of the civil rights act and non discrimination act originally passed in 2007 had updated to include alternative forecasting to wwha talready exists in 2021.

Why does this institute exist in the future and not now?

What is the context for this institute?
Backlash against the increase in the popular belief that our individual future is only determined by our genetic make up. When actually the information that is interpreted about our predispositoin to certain future diseseae and lifestlye is still only a propbabilty and is not the only determining factor on what really is our future and what really affects it.

set within a tight govermenatl controlled society where our future is pre planned and determined. in battle with other power structures like the police, the future nhs public health sector and commercial forecasters.

It could be for those that do not meet the gnetic requirements for certain job descriptions, insurance margins, lifestly credits. A place to get support for a second opinion, lifecoaching and counselling . The F.A.T.E. is affiliated with Liberty and is a reserach and development futures institute

Who is it affliated with? – Liberty HRC

Research based institute where clients arrive and take part in differetn methodologes and focus groups to help them find out their personal futures. Not for profit ngo that offers alternative way to find out about yourself and your future. Part of Liberty’s attempt at promoting human rights and a backlash to the other futures service on offer that are linked directly to police and healthcare. Realigning the power structure of society. making personal futures work more accesible to the wider population.

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