Extreme Personalisation has arrived!

Googles announcement that they have bought 23andme, the genetic firm that wants to personalise our lives has raised a number of very relevant questions that link directly to my F.A.T.E institute! More articles available on times online including  Search Me?

Extreme personalisation and direct access to our genetic information for the big hitters such as Google adds another dimension to the emerging applications of the information generated and technologies develpoed via the genome project including nutragenomics, pharmacogenomics etc (george church’s personal genome project more discussions here in Nature and their question of the year and this blog is directly linked to DNADirect) Having so much more data about us will yet again provoke us to invest into personalised services/products via extreme personalised advertising! This is stil only interpretation and probability but illustrates a whole new market for tailor made products for the individual. The ulitmate in market segmentation and user centred design.

2 responses to “Extreme Personalisation has arrived!

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