Water salon at the DIRTCAFE


During design week I was fortunate enough to experience an amazing informal debate/event called the DirtCafe based on the theme of water. It took place in Borough Market Trustees building right next to the market and consisted of people, wine and cheese! The dirt cafe is a collaborative & experimental London-based venture that began in 2004. According to the Dirtcafe website, “the collaborators of the Dirt Cafe Project seek humanising ways to unlock thinking by connecting specialists and influencers with those who question the status quo and give dimension to new and alternative scenarios.”

The event was filled with a variety of speakers talking about their own views on water including Surfers Against Sewage, Catherine Green and her Inside its Wet water RCA project, a medical tea herbalist, an artist who will melt an iceberg in London, store it in a mineral water bottle and sell it as an art piece for £500,000, a Mexican lady who discussed the still existing methods used to store water in a “botijo”, a Thames waterways expert, the founder of Artecnica and a lady who told us how to do sth green even if you are busy ( or lazy) at The Nag.

The DirtCafe is a brilliant way to bring a lot of disciplines together to discuss a huge subject that I never actually really thought could be so engaging. This format provides a way to meet a number of interesting peeps who can provide insights into many ways that design can be applied to re-analyse existing ways of thinking.

Good work Clair Hartten and Sarah Bilney!


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