The future of the FATE INSTITUTE


Map by Tanya Rainsley

The FATE institute (3) currently resides in the Tower Hamlets Unregulated Zone, a self-sufficient, self-run initiative run by the TOWER HAMLETS residents negotiated via the UK government.

A FATE representative will be attending a meeting at the Lancaster University to discuss with various experts from the “Lancaster university expert assessors of the Tower Hamlets Unregulated Zone” what might be the next steps for the FATE institute in the context of its own successful future and its implications on the residents of the Tower Hamlets. Having spent the last few years generating a massive database of future forecasting methodologies and hiring an array of practitioners to visit, research and expand the holistic body of future self-knowledge of the institute. It will be a new meeting to discuss where might the FATE institute go next?How will it expand its NURTURE NATURE NEITHER research and therapy groups? What will be the future of genetic determinism now with the ever forward thinking J Craig Venter institute begins to create new organisms using  synthetic bio blocks. How will evolution and belief systems evolve as more and more atheists take control of their ever increasing non-belief powers? Will the FATE intititue become a place for safe living to exist? How will FATE become an environment for those Tower Hamlets residents who wish to practice new future forecasting non-beliefs ? Will new genes be coded at the NATURE group in such a way as to be able to control the future of themselves?A FATE museum could house the vast taxonomies of past and present future forecasting services and products that have been applied over the past few years.

More thoughts and questions will be generated over the next few days and the future of the FATE institute hangs in the balance!……..


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