Clifford Stoll and how the best futurists are kindergarten teachers

This man defines himself an astronomer but could quite easily talk about anything else in the universe. As he says so himself..[I am a scientist] “Once I do something, I want to do something else.”

One thing that did light up my buttons was when he spoke of how he is asked quite alot about the future and actually the best people to talk to our kindergarten teachers who spend their days with children..children of today will be voting tomorrow. I have also been reading a book about the history of the future and one person that springs to mind who also has been quoted with a similar way of thinking was a british journalist called John Langdon-Davies (he was also known as a Cassandra, someone who foretells predictions that do not come true, allegedly that is a bad thing but is their a bad prediction?) .He was sent to boarding school when he was a child and he recalls sitting in a chapel with 400 boys all of whom “like myself had come to be trained for a future about which certain guesses had been made.” So children are actually a self fulfilling prophecy, a product of what they are told what could be their possible multiple futures.


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