Secret Government Bunker photographs by David Moore

The Government’s most secure and important crisis-management facility, the Defence Crisis Management Centre, is housed deep under Whitehall in central London. David Moore was given access to this facility that is in an undiclosed area of London (some say it is in Stansted) Fascinating photos that really remind me of Taryn Simons recent work : An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar.

See more of David Moore’s photos on his website His book ‘The Last Things’ is priced at £25 and available at Amazon. An exhibition of his photographs will also be shown at Belfast Exposed until October 3, then UH Galleries, Hatfield, from November 3. In an edition of 500, selected photographic prints from The Last Things are available at 10x 8 inch size on matt paper in prices ranging from £25 to £90. Visit his website.

Photo by David Moore

Level 2: Photo by David Moore

photo by David Moore

Daily Occurence Book: photo by David Moore

phot by David Moore

To the bomb shelter: photo by David Moore

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