links for 2008-11-21

  • We are a centre for social innovation based in London, with a 50 year track record of success in creating new organizations – public, private and non-profit – as well as influencing ideas and policies.
  • Million Futures presents six questions about future life and learning in the UK such as, ‘What do you want your country to be like?’ and ‘What should education be like for our grandchildren?’ Featuring a virtual sky, the site enables users to launch virtual paper aeroplanes to which they anonymously attach their hopes, fears and aspirations for the future. As well as sharing their own views, visitors can explore the virtual aeroplanes already in flight to see how other people have responded.Everyone is encouraged to take part, and to support schools that want to get involved there is a lesson plan designed to help teachers introduce this future-gazing activity into classrooms nationwide.
  • Meg Kane: Sarah Palin hits the publishing world jackpot, but not George …Gosh. Poor old George Bush. He’s having a rough time, isn’t he? He has the worst presidential approval ratings in US history. Under his stalwart leadership, the country has taken an economic, social and emotional nosedive. His own party attempts to distance themselves from him on a daily basis. And to top it all off, can you believe that nobody wants to buy his memoirs? To add insult to injury, publishers are courting his wife with fervour, each clamouring for the opportunity to bid on her memoirs. It has to burn at least a little, right?

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