“Me and my DNA” programme on Radio 4

The Radio 4 “Analysis” programme aired recently has been discussing the ever cheaper commercial predictive gene testing and the implications it’s having on increasing our psychsomatic obsession with our health; creating dilemma and self obsession with health intervention and marginalization. Some great people sharing their pros and cons including Linda Avery from 23andMe & MP Dr Evan Harris who discusses the slow reactions of policy and government to biotech industry development and the possible exclusions enforced on by the insurance companies. – umm hello how long have we been talking about this?


One response to ““Me and my DNA” programme on Radio 4

  1. Aw, jess! I thought from the title that this post was going to be about something called ‘DNA Radio’… no idea what that would be but it would almost certainly be awesome!

    Speaking of DNA I went to the Wellcome Trust gallery on Euston Rd on Friday (with a hangover – cheers!), where they have the human genome printed in a set of book volumes, all 3 billion letters. Nice!

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