Tampa Bay reveals mugshots of recently arrested individuals or guilty until proven innocent criminals?



A new website that i am currently fascinated by publishes the mugshots of recent arrested individuals from public police databases from various counties in Florida with the opening tagline “Meet 153 people who were arrested in the last 24 hours in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco counties” and has created an ethical debate around issues of the privacy of individuals whether criminals or not.

The site has been constructed by a newspaper company who host Tampa bay.com and has attracted huge amount of traffic offering great voyeuristic potential. Each alleged criminal has their own set of data detailing location and type of offense including various details of the individuals socio-demographic status.On their timeline feature you can also look at all alleged criminals over the past 60 days at which point all individuals data is removed from the site and untraceable by Google.

How soon might this be implemented in the uk and combined with its notorious criminal database?

What implications would it have on your “future lifeprojections” and “future status update” services offered at the FATE Institute?

Would it act if it were a social networking app for Facebook and Iphone? Who has the same background as you, who has recently been arrested that has the same surname as you? Who has the same age, gender and weight categories as you, this is pure curiosity/voyeurism for the sake of it thanks to some innovative multimedia shenanigans. The software that was used to scrape the data and visualise it was called Django

Other relevant sites:

Mapping death tolls from stabbing in the UK

Visualising the 9/11 terrorist attack

A visualisation of what nuclear explosions would do to cities around the world


One response to “Tampa Bay reveals mugshots of recently arrested individuals or guilty until proven innocent criminals?

  1. Are these people that were just arrested? Or have they been proven guilty?

    So much for innocent before proven guilty. The social ramifications of this could be catastrophic for people and they haven’t even been found guilty of the crimes they were arrested for.

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