Speculative Futures & Citizen Science with “BioBrickLego”?


Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Kits


Wat if we combined DIY DNA Genetics Education Kits with LEGO to encourage more citizen scienctists to discover speculative worlds?


Olafur Eliasson Lego event: what if these were LEGOBIOBRICK events?

As Lego are soon to be launching a new range of kits based on famous architecture classics and landmarks, how could these construction souvenirs be used to encourage imaginary thinking? Already LEGO encourage children to play and encourage adults to rediscover their child like wonder and imagination. Could LEGO be implemented to encourage the creation of speculative future worlds? What would happen if Drew Endy collaborated with LEGO to create LEGOBioBricks? Would this be the next development step on from the LEGO Mindstorms or Lego Factory? There is already a huge bio_diy ethic existing in many basements around the world as more access to homebrew biotech equipment becomes pervasive encouraging people to be citizen scientists. How could LEGO encourage citizen science with young people?

What worlds could be created and would they be reboxed for others to recreate and debate? What souvenirs of the future would we create and how would they be disseminated? Via diyBio or OpenWetWare? What would be the implications of LEGODIYBIO?


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