Motorola creates future mythologies

facial tattoo

‘Motorola 2033’ is a recent brand visioning from 31 Motorola designers around the world who were all asked to envision the future of telecomms in 25 years time as a celebration of 25 years of the mobile phone.

Yes it is great that Motorola is putting there thoughts out there with fantastic visual delights and as stated by Motorola this is about expressing their ‘design mythology’ a way to express their brand. But are they telling us any interesting stories? Where is the real mythology ie. no actual speculative scenarios or storytelling. Or reference to potential implications of biotechnologies on our everyday understanding of how we will go about our lives.

But it does create a buzz for Motorola which they obviously desperately need seeing as their current phones have not competed well. A good start but bring on the complexity of synthetic biology and how communicating with people may just be about sharing personal genomics…could engaging “blue sky” thinking be about creating discussion to then lead to inspire the future of Motorola’s brand? Perhaps they need some external participants; some sort of co-critical open design platform?…


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