Knowing Me, Myself And I

The study of self-knowledge has tended to focus on how accurate we are at determining our own internal states, such as our emotions, personality, and attitudes. However, (Timothy) Wilson notes that self-knowledge can be broadened to include memory, like recalling how we felt in the past, and prospection, predicting how we will feel in the future. Knowing who we were and who we will be are as important to self-knowledge as knowing who we are in the present.

An interesting article from Science Daily via Psychological Science Association entitled ‘Know Thyself’  by Timothy Wilson suggests some ways that can help us learn more about ourselves  through the eyes of other people and be more aware of findings from psychological science. Wilson concludes, “Most of us pay attention to medical findings that inform us about our bodies and can learn about our psychological selves in the same way.”


  • Would personal genomics be what constitutes Wilson’s understanding of self-knowledge in a psychological way?
  • How would FATE’s microtrend diary be endorsed by Timothy Wilsons views on self-knowledge?
  • What if the next service and product release from FATE was “The Self-Knowledge Kit” would the daily tasks act as a Self Fulfilling Prophecy, a mirror on your current and future self?
  • What if The Delphi Party service was open source and a franchise for all to use? Would this be about crowdsourcing futures?
  • Instruments of Self Knowledge

    Instruments of Self Knowledge

    The Instruments of Self-Knowledge Schematic

    The Instruments of Self-Knowledge Schematic


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  1. Very interesting thought……

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