DNA World


A mapping interpretation by designer Niko Vegt, of how DNA knowledge, technology and applications has transformed society. According to his website, ‘The DNA World map represents a conceptual territory of DNA related applications and developments. Its main continents are Science, Medical, Heath, Personal, Social, Justice and Environment – all surrounded by an ocean of Ethics.”

I like how he has decided to try and map out where all the directions of the Genome Empire has evolved over time and included links to each capital DNA city.  However I am not sure why it is actually a physical map with different fields of genetics represented as different countries within different environmental territories. To create more provocation or at least address the implications of this emerging technological development this could go one step further and become a political map that describes what political, social and cultural implications and frictions each DNA development has caused on society; policies that have changed, newspaper headlines it has provoked, debates it has started and laws that have begun.

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