links for 2009-10-19

  • By analysing the test results of 6,000 twins, they were able to see clear genetic factors emerging for both numerical skills and reading ability. They compared test results for seven-year-old identical twins, who share the same DNA, with the results from non-identical twins, who only share 50 per cent of their DNA, to assess how much was down to genes. Yulia Kovas, who led the investigation, said: ‘Our work shows that there is a substantial genetic overlap between maths and reading, but also between maths and general intelligence.
  • GFF is a strategic futures think tank formed in September 2006 by futurists Rohit Talwar and David Smith. GFF works with clients to develop critical, powerful insights and pragmatic responses to the trends and forces shaping the future.
  • BÜRO FÜR TRANSFER works in the field of creative industries – that is arts, music, media, design and architecture. As a consulting and project management agency, we support art institutions, creative entrepreneurs and companies with our expertise in the development, communication and organization of creative content.
  • Shapeshifters is a knowledge agency for the global creative community. We help people all over the world to locate resources needed to turn ideas into reality. Be sure that everything you require to be a successful creator does exist already. Finding the best signal in the noise is a different story.
  • Birth con­trol pills may al­ter wom­en’s abil­i­ties to choose, com­pete for and re­tain mates, a new re­port suggests.
  • Used by astronomers for years, Slooh is an online service that lets people control space telescopes around the world and take images in real time. They’ve now launched a novice version for you and me.

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