Britain in 2010 as seen in 1990, London in 2030 as seen now

  • 2010: Nigel Coates
  • “In 1990, the architect and designer Nigel Coates took a more whimsical view of the future, trusting in London’s capacity to mutate and treating prediction as a licence to fantasise. He foresaw dizzy roofwalks for wafting commuters, with weathershield blimps overhead to redistribute the rain, and prescribed a monorail for Oxford Street.”

  • 2030 : Ian Sinclair
  • “There will be serious talk of bringing back a riverbus service for the Thames. There will be more white ghost-bicycles than any other kind, cycling being compulsory for those who want access to the National Health Service . Privileged lanes for VIP non-participants will have expanded and public lanes shrunk. Tickets will be at a premium for permanent show trials, inquiries into inquiries, after terrorist outrages and botched judicial executions. Film, television and other forms of electronic communication will happen on fingernail-size screens and be without content, other than re-runs of Dad’s Army. Locality won’t exist, the slab or vertical stack being the universal form. West Ham FC will debate a move into the part-demolished Olympic stadium. The late Ken Livingstone, in computer-generated form, fresh from his triumph in Celebrity Big Brother, will be re-elected as mayor.”

    The Guardian


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