Megatrends database tailored to your interests

  • Z_punkt The Foresight Company: MEGATRENDS APP

    Climate change, health care, demographic change – megatrends will shape tomorrow’s markets. Megatrends is your personal iPhone trenddatabase: Survey the 20 most important megatrends! Evaluate and filter issues which have strategic relevance for you! With Megatrends, key facts and charts are always at your fingertips – in every meeting, on every trip, whenever you deal with the future of your business. Download Megatrends on your iPhone and enjoy• the top 20 megatrends at-a-glance
    • concisely bundled key driving factors
    • social, technological, economic, political, and environmental trends
    • zoomable charts – one chart per megatrend
    • your top personal megatrends, sorted by relevance
    • all necessary information on a single page – short, clear, to-the-point


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