Crowdsourcing Your Future – ask your friends to predict your possible/preferable futures

Crowdsourcing Your Future postcard - ask your friends to predict your futures

For my recent talk at IFTF’s Technology Horizons Program Future of Persuasion conference at the Quadras Conference Center last week I brought along some newly printed ‘Crowdsourcing Your Future’ postcards to hand out to the audience in conjunction with my presentation about my Personal Futures research and The FATE Institute.


Crowdsourcing Your Future is a double sided postcard that you send to friends to ask them to predict your futures.

To start them off, you as the sender will plot your ideas of what you think their possible and preferable future timelines might be. Once they receive your predictions they are kindly requested or perhaps provoked to send the postcard back to you with their predictions of your future timelines.

The more you send out perhaps as a birthday card, the more collective ideas you will receive of what your friends think about your possible future timeline and perhaps their preferable idea of your future lifepath.


1. Download this ‘crowdsourcing your future’ A4 postcard pdf document

2.Print on to A4 card, do not select fit to page but choose’ A4 borderless’ on your printer settings

3. Print both sides and cut down th emiddle to make 2 separate double sided postcards

4. Choose a friend and plot their possible and preferable timelines

5. Fil in the postcard section

6. Stick a stamp on it and put in the mail.

7. Wait to see what your friends predict!


3 responses to “Crowdsourcing Your Future – ask your friends to predict your possible/preferable futures

  1. Needs a web implementation for anonymity — even then you will probably guess by the writing style.

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