Survival Horizon: Introducing 6 super-empowered persuasive practices. was developed by Natron Baxter and is an app for individuals to practice 6 persuasive practices generated by GEAS.


As I mentioned in my previous post ( Personal Futures – My talk at IFTF’s Future of Persuasion Conference)  I participated in a 2 day conference, The Future of Persuasion, as part of the Technology Horizons program at the IFTF. The conference used a variety of formats and methods to enable participants, clients of IFTF, to experience the emerging theories and behaviours that will shape the development of persuasive technologies over the next few years.

I helped develop an experiential scenario experience at the conference that embodied the potential persuasive strategies of the future. Alongside the magnificent Jake Dunagan (Institute For The Future) Stuart Candy (Long Now Foundation) and Sarah Kornfeld, we developed Survival Horizon: 6 super-empowered persuasive practices called Self-meditation, Fight The Eschaton, Awe It Forward, Close The Gap, Light A Candle, Game Your Optimism. This was then developed into the Survival Horizon app by NatronBaxter

These 6 persuasive practices were created by GEAS (Global Extinction Awareness System) to extend and maximize the power of individuals to influence the course of change—to create a survivable and desirable future, fight against the end of humanity and stop the extinction of the earth in 2042 and extend our survival horizon.

Example of a persuasive practice:


By becoming a Super-Empowered Persuader and completing the six practices every day the world Survival Horizon will increase. For each day that nobody practices, the survival horizon moves back one month.


My Opening Speech before Conducting the Demonstration of the 6 SuperEmpowered Persuasive Practices

“hello everybody my name is Jessica and thank you again for accepting our invitation and joining us here today.
Each one of you in this room has been chosen to be here, You each have an amazing amount of influential social and political power and therefore by being in this room here today means we are beginning on a journey together to discover how each one of you can become super empowered persuasive people.
We are up against a serious challenge but we have great deal of confidence in all of you so for the next 30 minutes I will be guiding you through our 6 practices of super empowered persuasion.
As we go through them together I will be asking you to connect with those at your table, the more you interact with your neighbours and engage in these practices together the more interconnected you will all become, giving each of you the opportunity to join together and become one powerful persuasive organism.
You will get to know how to conduct these practices and once you leave the room and cultivate these practices you will become stronger, more adaptable and infinitely more persuasive than you have ever been before, both inside and out.”

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