Citizen Evolution @ MAK Vienna

From next week, Marei Wollersberger and I will be installing the Citizen Evolution project as it will be exhibited in the MAK DESIGN SPACE in the MAKVienna as one of three winners of “Project Vienna—A Design Strategy. How to React to a City?”, the competition of ideas held jointly by MAK & departure.

This project is best described by the recent article in Domus magazine :

“On display will be the humourous and hypothetical scenarios “Microbe Sky,” “Pigeonpoo Roofgarden,” “Zentralfriedhof Power Plant” and “Pharmaceutical Distribution Network” done as schematic, graphic training aids. Each picture will be complimented by a “narrating” object (such as a homemade hand tool) to be used within the context of the scenario. The two designers worked based on the hypothesis that the central systems of provision and distribution upon which we currently rely will cease to work—an entirely plausible situation in these times of crisis. To prepare for this case, the Viennese would be equipped by the State with all manner of systems for self-sufficiency—above all with open-source biotechnology.”

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