Time Travelling Devices

  • Now you can explore London in a new way. Using GPS and authentic old maps you can trace your route through the city’s past, seeing what was around you in previous centuries and investigating where people lived, worked, played and worshipped.
    See how the city has changed as fields gave way to houses, slums to mansions, artisans’ workshops to office blocks.
    (tags: timetravel)
  • The manner in which most time travelers get from point A to point B (and sometimes C!) before returning to point A again are as varied as the adventures surrounding said temporal exploration. Sterile, efficient and tidy, some machines do the job well but lack a degree of showmanship that nerds crave. Movies like Primer and Terminator 2 for example, as wonderful as they are, don’t exactly set the screen ablaze with their respective chrono-cheating methods: secret boxes hidden in storage and nude cyborg-transporting portals of rarely-seen origin. Which brings us to today’s list: a celebration of time traveling devices that are as noteworthy for their visual flare as they are for their function, and in some cases, more so. These methods are preferable not because of their reliability (since in some cases, there isn’t any) but because they add a level of unparalleled cool to the whole time travel conundrum. Well, nerd-cool anyway. How’s that for a paradox? Read on!
    (tags: timetravel)

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