About FATE Institute

With this body of research I created FATE (The Futures Association for Therapy and Entertainment), a fictitious future forecasting institute that acts as a vehicle to generate personalised future forecasting services and products.

The FATE institute brings together research and design ideas to underpin “The Future of Self-Knowledge” philosophy; the cross fertilisation between three methodologies of future forecasting; ancient divination, corporate futurology and predictive gene testing.

Below are visual examples of some of the services available at FATE: Download THE FATE INSTITUTE REVIEW for more information about the range of services on offer.

The Delphi Party
~ footage from a recent client: Jeremy Morris

The FATE institute structure

The FATE Institute infrastructure

the delphi party facilitator

The Facilitator from a Delphi Party
~ NURTURE R&T group

the delphi party family and friend experts

The expert stakeholders from a Delphi Party
~ NURTURE R&T group

Alzheimer’s gene testing food instrument from The Gene Ceremony
~ NATURE R&T group

How far down the rabbit hole do you really want to go? Do you live for the now or invest in your future? These questions are posed by the “Futures Association for Therapy and Entertainment”

The FATE institute, founded in 2021 is a quasi-scientific institute which applies an holistic approach to developing techniques of future self-knowledge.
The institute is divided into three therapy groups:”nature, nurture and neither” This system of services implements design-led strategies to create new personalized future forecasting methodologies in times of genetic determinism.

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