About Jessica

Jessica is a designer, researcher and strategist with experience working for both public and private sector organisations to explore the future implications of their field. She explores ways of using design to understand, unravel and provoke rich interactions between people, technology, products and services.

Since graduating from Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, Jessica has been involved in various design research initiatives and generates her own speculative design projects, often collaborating with scientists and other designers, thinkers,futurists and students.

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5 responses to “About Jessica

  1. I am loving your blog/ma thesis work.
    What would Jesus buy? Genius. Scary gene stuff re: future but very relavant esp. big business- all in bed together,ie insurance companies, NHS, pharacists etc.
    Have looked at about half of your site. Will save it to my favorites, plus tell my discerning friends.
    J X

  2. Jessica,
    Just found your blog through Twitter #psych…. I’d love to subscribe but I can find your RSS button…? Is it me? Do I need more coffee?

  3. Utterly brilliant! I love your futures diary and the delphi party ground rules. Thanks for brightening my day (I looked the other way on the genetic engineering bit ;-).

    Excited to get to know each other better.


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