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Visiting Lecturers at the Singularity University or The Evangelists of the Singularity Order?

The NASA Ames is the campus for SingularityU, would it ever become part of the 'Stanford Torus' (by Donald Davis) ?

The NASA Ames is the campus for SingularityU, would it ever become part of the 'Stanford Torus' (by Donald Davis) ?

“A number of exponentially growing technologies (biotechnology, supercomputing, nanotechnology, robotics, communications technologies and more.) are giving tools for change around the world. These technologies and sciences build on each other: a medical advance may rely on supercomputers, robotics, and sophisticated programs such as machine learning. Singularity University is an academic institution whose students and faculty will study these technologies, with an emphasis on their interactions.”

Angelica, Amara D., Academic Model/Curriculum Lead, Singularity University Arrison, Sonia, Senior Fellow, Pacific Research Institute Barry, Dan, President, Denbar Robotics, former NASA astronaut Bennetsen, Henrik, Assoc Dir, Stanford Humanities Lab, Stanford University Black, Sarah, Kurzweil Liaison, Singularity University Blakely, Dave, Director of Technology Strategy, IDEO Bloom, Howard, Author, The Lucifer Principle, and Global BrainBoshuizen, Chris, Project/Events Planning Lead, Singularity UniversityByers, Tom, Prof, Stanford Univ; Stanford Technology Ventures Program Byrd, Troy, Education/Business Development, Singularity University Canton, James, CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures Cerf, Vint, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google Inc.Damer, Bruce, Founder CEO, DigitalSpace; Dir The Contact ConsortiumDator, Jim, Prof & Dir of the Hawaii Research Center for Futures StudiesDebat, Yves, Monterey Institute of International Studiesde Grey, Aubrey, Chair & Chief Science Officer of the Methuselah FoundationdeCharms, Christopher, Founder, Omneuron, Inc.Diamandis, Peter, Founder, X PRIZE FoundationDiBona, Chris, Open Source Program Manager, Google Inc.Ebenstein, Lanny , Professor, UC Santa BarbaraEpstein, Kevin, Executive in Residence, Mohr Davidow VenturesFerriss, Timothy, Author, The 4-Hour WorkweekFletcher, Lauren, Engineer, Astrobiology, NASA Ames Research CenterFonseca-Klein, Susan, VP of Operations, Singularity UniversityFord, Daniel, Senior Mathematician, Google Inc.Freitas, Robert. A., Jr, Sr Research Fellow, Inst for Molecular Manufacturing

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Basic Rules for an Evil Futurist!


Or John Von Neumann and the Institute for Advanced Study?

Great provocative post by one of our favourite IFTF futurelyricist; Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. He wonders what might have or could have happened if “futures” actually came about from this time and enforced from another set of cultural, political and social explosions and optimisms/pessimisms and the reactions of future forecasting that would have manifested around the technologies of now; the genetic technologies of self-knowledge, neuroscience, diy_synbio, man made sperm (that does not sound right), dna computing, carbon nanotubes, web 2.o etc

Relevant History: The Evil Futurists’ Guide to World Domination

“One of thing things I’ve kept coming back to is that, if you take seriously the criticisms or warnings of people like Nassim Taleb on the impossibility of prediction, Philip Tetlock and J. Scott Anderson on the untrustworthiness of expert opinion, Robert Burton on the emotional bases of certainty, Gary Marcus and Daniel Gilbert on the mind, etc., you could end up with a radically skeptical view of the whole enterprise of futures and forecasting. Or, read another way, you end up with a primer for how to be an incredibly successful futurist, even while you’re a shameless fraud, and always wrong.

No expertise, no problem!

One simple idea may be one too many!

Get prizes for being outrageous!

There’s a success hiding in every failure!

Don’t remember your failures; no one else will!”