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Faith Healing is vetoed!

  • In Oregon, faith healing has been a legitimate legal protection against certain kinds of homicide charges. Yesterday, the Oregon state House voted unanimously in favor of a bill that would remove that special protection, and stipulate mandatory sentencing for parents whose children died because the parents chose to give those children faith healing rather than medical treatment.

Psychotic episode as Performance Art

  • The story begins on top of the Liljeholmen Bridge in Stockholm in January 2009. A seemingly psychotic woman is observed by worried passersby, who come to the rescue. Policemen take her to a psychiatric clinic where she is tied down and given sedatives. Later, Anna Odell reveals that it was all an act, part of her graduation project at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design). Hospital staff and politicians vent their criticism in the media, and so an art scandal is born.

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  • The Great Indoors suggests a near future landscape of tarmac fields and breeze block villas populated by an enervated elite who never leave the house.

    Sustained by a diet of uncensored electronic stimulation and takeaway meals provided by swarms of delivery vans and staffed by armies of low paid immigrant labour. Information seeps out through the walls of the house itself, avoiding any requirement for direct physical interaction.

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DNA World


A mapping interpretation by designer Niko Vegt, of how DNA knowledge, technology and applications has transformed society. According to his website, ‘The DNA World map represents a conceptual territory of DNA related applications and developments. Its main continents are Science, Medical, Heath, Personal, Social, Justice and Environment – all surrounded by an ocean of Ethics.”

I like how he has decided to try and map out where all the directions of the Genome Empire has evolved over time and included links to each capital DNA city.  However I am not sure why it is actually a physical map with different fields of genetics represented as different countries within different environmental territories. To create more provocation or at least address the implications of this emerging technological development this could go one step further and become a political map that describes what political, social and cultural implications and frictions each DNA development has caused on society; policies that have changed, newspaper headlines it has provoked, debates it has started and laws that have begun.

Personal Urn Cremation Services and Products

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The Personal Family Member Urn

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What you dont know makes you nervous!

“That’s because people feel worse when something bad might occur than when something bad will occur. Most of us aren’t losing sleep and sucking down Marlboros because the Dow is going to fall another thousand points, but because we don’t know whether it will fall or not — and human beings find uncertainty more painful than the things they’re uncertain about.

Why would we prefer to know the worst than to suspect it? Because when we get bad news we weep for a while, and then get busy making the best of it. We change our behavior, we change our attitudes. We raise our consciousness and lower our standards. We find our bootstraps and tug. But we can’t come to terms with circumstances whose terms we don’t yet know. An uncertain future leaves us stranded in an unhappy present with nothing to do but wait.”

Daniel Gilbert in NYT Opinion

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