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Japanese carp act strangely ahead of a quake

  • BBC News – Japan: A fragile country at the mercy of nature
    Tradition held that animals and fish would act strangely ahead of a quake – carp, for example, would jump out of the water. The Japanese government even sponsored an experiment to monitor carp activity to see if they could be used to predict tremors.

Patents and Tools for artists circa C18 & C19

  • throughout history soceity has been obsessed by fads and
    phases, the next ‘big thing’, useful improvements and apparently
    innovative inventions. the history of patents is generally considered to have started in  italy (venetian statute, 1474, issued by the republic of florence). new and inventive devices, once put into practice, had to be communicated to the republic in order to obtain legal protection
    against potential infringers. in this period protection was for
    10 years only. a similar concept to patents was already used
    by the ancient greeks. yet, in recent history no country in the
    world has issued as many patents as the united states.
    today, the united states patent and trademark office grants
    over 180,000 patents a year.
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Faith Healing is vetoed!

  • In Oregon, faith healing has been a legitimate legal protection against certain kinds of homicide charges. Yesterday, the Oregon state House voted unanimously in favor of a bill that would remove that special protection, and stipulate mandatory sentencing for parents whose children died because the parents chose to give those children faith healing rather than medical treatment.

A info-graphical way at how our time is spent

The Michaelangelo Phenomenon

The Michaelangelo Phenomenon is the way interdependent individuals influence and ‘sculpt’ each other in a manner that is as close as possible to their ideal selves.

The Michelangelo studies show that close partners sculpt one another’s traits and skills and promote, versus inhibit, one another’s goal achievement. “It’s not just that you treat me positively,” Finkel says. “You treat me in particular ways that dovetail with my ideal self.”

Finkel says supporting a partner’s image of his ideal self in this way, whether it is a vague yearning or a clearly articulated mental representation, helps the loved one reduce the discrepancy between the actual self and the ideal self.

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