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Exploratree Thinking Tools by futurelab + microsoft

Those clever chaps at Futurelab have created a beta online tool that enables people to think visually! Think of all those mind maps you have done in the past that have been completely disorganized and free form. But with exploratree they will help you create frameworks for futures wheel (my favourite), a compass rose (!) and a pmi!!

Decision support and decision support software

At the beginning of the year I was involved in a 5 day workshop acting as a designer/researcher and futures thinker type of person, addressing the implications and applications regarding the future of decision making and decision-support software.

Horizon recently screened an episode about the theory of decision making and documenting how various thinkers, mathematicians, psychologists etc. have developed ways of dealing, addressing and attempting to solve this paradigm.

Decision making and the Science of Experience

“Experts tend to be good at their particular talent, but when something unpredictable happens — something that changes the rules of the game they usually play — they’re little better than the rest of us.”

The Business Week article describes how  a  simulator that is used during medical training to replicate the conditions and pressures during an emergency diagnosis of a patient in A & E can highlight that an experienced medical practitioner does not necessarily mean that they make the right decisions under pressure.