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What if we removed our bad memories, would we keep repeating our futures? Would we become extreme risk takers?

  • “Removing bad memories is not like removing a wart or a mole. It will change our personal identity since who we are is linked to our memories. It may perhaps be beneficial in some cases, but before eradicating memories, we must reflect on the knock-on effects that this will have on individuals, society and our sense of humanity.”

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Esoteric Predictions & Rad Religion

  • “We think of it as our R&D department”, says Archdeacon Jackson. “We want church to be a verb not a noun,” is a favourite phrase from Fresh Expressions enthusiasts, who often talk of “emerging churches” Among the initiatives are “Rezurgence”, a Christian “extreme sport” ministry in Surrey, which describes itself as “a unique first that brings mountain biking, BMX and faith into one”, and a Christian skateboarding park in Essex.

Wife Carrying Competition in Finland

  • The idea of the Wife Carrying Competition is Sonkajärvi’s very own and, in spite of its humorous aspects, it has deep roots in the local history. In the late 1800’s there was in the area a brigand called Rosvo-Ronkainen, who is said to have accepted in his troops only those men who proved their worth on a challenging track. In those days, it was also a common practice to steal women from the neighbouring villages.

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