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Japan April 2009

So i have returned back from the future (Japan) and will soon be uploading my piccies to flickr. But i thought i would try to also put something together, perhaps a diary thing, to tell you all about what i did and what i saw! So here is a little teaser:


Day 6: Relaxing times at Bic Camera 4th Floor


Day 4: Tokyo's salary men and otaku read anime comics and pump lots of money in the greedy grabclaw machine


Day 12: Okayama- Bloodtype Horoscope vending machine offering your future according to your personality defined by bloodtype


Day 14: Tokyo - Self-health machines test your blood pressure and test your thigh muscle strength in the automated Exercise Rodeo Chair.

The Future is in (Y)our Hands

Go and vote

Go and vote

Photo: http://news.bbc.co.uk/

Recent lottery winner seeks his psychic stranger

A builder is desperate to find the psychic who predicted he would scoop £3milllion in the lottery whilst the stranger was browsing in his daughters pet shop in Hull. Tony Nutbrown discovered he was a winner just hours after the mystery woman told his daughter about a premonition that someone in her family would become a millionaire. Tony Nutbrown is on a mission to find this stranger saying ..’It’s either an incredible coincidence or this lady can see into the future. I have called Claire at home and asked if she could get in touch with the lady to pass on my thanks.’

Become more enlightened and read more in The Sun and here in The Metro

The Leak Listeners

The Leak listeners are the Thames Water squad tackling the wastage crisis who use “leak sticks”-steel rods with a wooden earpiece as one end-which they hold against pipes to pick up vibrations from any water escaping. It is a method that has been used for more than a century and allows any sign of leaking water to be heard!

I am currently reading…

The History of the Future

The future, as a concept, was born in ancient Mesopotamia, when people began studying the heavens for clues to impending events. These days, certain New Age seers who study the Mayan “Long Count” calendar have concluded that time’s current cycle is due to end on Dec. 21, 2012.But most of us look at time as a linear continuum, and we expect the future to be different than the present. Some even believe the future will not merely be different–it will be better.Hahaha!!

Read a little more about the history of the future at Forbes.com 

Divination imagery

l0000992.jpg   v0009525.jpg

v0025926.jpg   v0017698.jpg


Guru resorts and fake islands

During the 1970s and 1980s Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and later taking the name Osho, was an Indian spiritual teacher, seen as a rich man’s guru and also known to be a Rolls Royce driver. Osho is now a brand that has a magazine and meditation resort. The resort brings together mental and physical wellbeing packages under one roof by combining mudpacks with meditation temples. This is a real place for real people where real money is exchanged, but is the process of well-being and development about yourself still up to you to interpret, is it fictitious?

Another superfiction (see earlier post) is Janice Kabels’ Bird Island. A fictitious art work with a website describing the island and the birds of paradise that do not exist but have been imagined and created on paper. Its fictitious but does that matter?

Divination methodologies

This is a nice comparison to the list of forecasting methods (see earlier post)

  • Astrology (by celestial bodies)
  • Ailuromancy (by the behaviour of felines; see Felidomancy)
  • Bibliomancy (by book, frequently but not always a religious text)
  • Cartomancy (by cards, e.g., playing cards, tarot cards, and non-tarot oracle cards; see also Taromancy)
  • Cheiromancy (by palms; see Palmistry)
  • Crystallomancy/Scrying (by crystals or other reflecting objects)
  • Dactylomancy (by means of finger movements)
  • Extispicy (from the entrails of sacrificed animals)
  • Geomancy (by earth), includes Feng Shui divination
  • Graphology (by handwriting)
  • I Ching divination (ancient Chinese divination using I Ching): (However, as performed by some diviners with heavy reliance on an accompanying I Ching manual, this is, in effect, also a form of Bibliomancy/Stichomancy)
  • Numerology (by numbers)
  • Oneiromancy (by dreams)
  • Onomancy (by names)
  • Ouija board divination
  • Podomancy (by the soles of one’s feet)
  • Palmistry (by palm inspection)
  • Phrenology (by the shape of one’s head)
  • Pyromancy, or pyroscopy (by fire)
  • Runecasting / Runic divination (by Runes)
  • Scatomancy (by droppings, usually animal)
  • Sternomancy (by markings or bumps on the chest)
  • Taromancy (by specially designed cards: Tarot; see also Cartomancy)
  • Aura-Soma, based on colors

From a list found on wikipedia.

my next steps – The Institute Brand

“To facilitate the realization of your future“ and “bringing entertainment, therapy and futurology together”.
A notional futures institute that brings together research and design ideas to underpin “the future of self knowledge” philosophy. It acts as a vehicle to design research methods and ways to create alternative design strategies for futures work. An umbrella title for method realization.

A blend of corporate future forecasting think tanks, the psychic Edgar Cayce and his A.R.E. institute, the Aetherius Society(see earlier post) and guru cults like osho. Life coaching, career councillors, etc, BUPA, The Priory, Virgin the global brand and the NHS.

About the INSTITUTE system:
Main structure and brand:Employed facilitators,the board of directors Their manifesto and how they control the institute, the institute’s manipulation over the clients, is there any brain washing? various instruments or employed facilitaors to enable people to engage with a particular scenario in order to visualise their future concerns, fantasies or fears.

Three services available; three design areas; three approaches:

1)Donation zone: genealogical divination dinner
2)Amplification zone: Delphi parlour game party; envision and role play your future
3)Your trend museum: extrapolate your historical data with a weekly scoring system/dottodot questionnaire/software download

Nature: its all in the genes, pre determined,
Nurture: it’s the way your are raised by your family, friend and environment
Neither: what you do is what you are. You are in control

They orientate through the institute and apply their own desires to the futures methods on offer. The patients or the customers can tailor their own therapy packages within the services on offer at the institute.